Monday, 27 October 2014

The Attendant

What: The Attendant

Where: Goodge St

Value: £6pp

Food Review: The coffee is simply yet perfrectly made and tge perfext rrmedy for a cold dreary afternoon. To add the personal touch, it is topped with a pretty pattern and also a substitution for almond milk. The gooey chocolatly brownie has just been baked so its breakable texture is hard to pick up but it was emtremly indulgent and boardaline sickly, so proberbly recommended for sharing.

Settings Review: Upon entrance from the street is a gated area around a staircase, leading into a dark pit. Once entering you see the dark pit is actually lit up and is a charming but rustic cellar. The first thing you see is a quirky bar with various knink knacs surrounding the walls such as a graffitti board. Originally a toilet, it has kept some of its original features such as handriers and cubicle style seating.

Positives: nice coffee, indulgent chocolate brownie

Negatives: small, not a lot of space

3 words: unusual, quirky, independent

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