Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Royal China Club

What: Dim sum
Where: Baker Street, London

Value: £30pp

Food Review: For starters, as with any Chinese restaurant, prawn toast must be ordered alongside green tea. An authentic teapot along with mini teacups appears alongside prawn toast, however these prawn toast are accompanied with a tangy sauce that leaves you wanting more. Then a selection of steamed dim sum appear,one with an open filling of prawns and the other a veggie dumpling each delicious with every mouthful taken.

Setting Review: From the exterior it is hard to see inside, except a few people. Upon entry and round the corner you are greeted with a bar and a giant fish tank including live lobster. Inside are a huge array of tables, ranging from different sizes to accompany the diners. The d├ęcor is representative of how a dim sum restaurant would look in China, keeping in line with its authentic interior.

Positives: Moorish, delicious, filling

Negatives: expensive, hard to get a table

3 words: left wanting more

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