Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Rinkoff Bakery

What: bakery with cronuts

Where: near Whitechapel

Value: £2.50 for a cronut

Food Review: Before reaching the shop, located in a tiny side alley, that is hard to find (makes you work for the cronuts) you can smell the sweet pastry from inside the tiny standard looking bakery. However, the pastries being churned out from this bakery are far from. The range of flavours and the freshly baked bakery feel, makes it a homely family run style shop. The sweet flaky pastry with it simple yet moorish fillings keep you coming back for more.

Settings Review: Tiny bakery with no seating area and located in a back alley. This unusual location is due to the fact that it is a local bakery that focuses on its produce as opposed to location.

Positives: amazing cronuts

Negatives: hard to find

3 words: sweet, tantilising, Moorish

Meat and Shake

What: Burger Joint

Where: near Tooting Broadway St

Value: £25pp

Review: The latest restaurant to hit the gourmet burger craze is Meat and Shake.
The decor aims to please a younger crowd by including bespoke pieces and that to rival that in soho.
The drinks menu includes super thick american-style milkshakes ( which are difficult to finish) and non-alcoholic beer.
Theres a wide range of novelty burgers, including a smoking burger complete with smoke under a glass cover, and an all-in-one decadent burger, with a little bit of everything. To complete the american diner experience, hot dogs and sticky ribs are available. However, although the burger is complemented with salad and fries, the burger is a little on the small side ( american style, should be american portioning?).

Location Review: The restaurant is situated amongst a busy road full of takeaways, however nothing similar to this. The interior has a american young vibe with its alternate interior decor. 

Positives: you like trying out the latest craze, good burgers, thick shakes
Negatives: no dessert, expensive
3 words: trendy, americanised, indulgent 

Marco Pierre White

What: Steakhouse
Where: Mailbox - Birmingham Central
Value: £40pp - pricey
Food Review: The restaurant is owned my renowned Marco Pierre White, so you expect the food to be of high standard. This halal establishment did not disappoint. To get to the restaurant, you first had to take the lift through the hotel to reach the establishment which showcased a rooftop view complete with bar area.
A good range of cocktails were available but i stuck to the original pina coloda - didn't stand out, but was not complaining. The food tasted of high quality and produced a well seasoned and made steak, alongside country pub style chips and creamy spinach.
As it was a my birthday, a creme brulee with happy birthday was written upon it. Not only was it all for me but it was a delicious, creamy creme brulee. Alll in all, not a disappointment, until the bill.
Settings Review: Set in the heart of Birmingham, high in the sky of one of Birmingham's Modern iconic building, boasting stunning views and the one of the best places to see the surrounding area. The decor is also modern and clean cut to represent the feel of the restaurant.
Positives: high quality food, good steak
Negatives: expensive
3 words: indulgent, heavy, treat

Duck and Waffle

What: brunch in the sky
Where: near liverpool st
Value: £25pp
Food Review: After reserving a table and waiting for weeks to celebrate a special occasion with the family. We finally made it to Duck and Waffle. Although a foggy view, it made it all the more magical to be eating in the clouds.
If the food was not good, it would have still been an amazing experience, but the food was good. For savoury the duck eggs and for mains the waffles. The duck eggs, with soldiers, were not only tasty, but beautiful to look and were a grown up version of soldiers and eggs. The waffles were indulgent fluffy waffles that hit the sweet spot.
Location Review: Set in the sky, with an amazing view and beautiful interiors
Positives: beautiful view, well decorated, good food
Negatives: expensive, waiting list
3 words: picturesque, delicious, amazing

Cafe Vergnano

What: Café/Restaurant
Where: near Southbank
Value: £4 for a hot chocolate
Food Review: A seemingly normal cafe with a wide range of cakes and pasteries on offer and selection of great coffees. Food is available and for this, there is plenty of seating. However, this is not the reason to go there. The hot chocolate consists of a silky smooth texture which is not only available in pure but also in half and half for those who like less decadence. This pure hot chocolate is not for the faint hearted and can a meal in itself, but totally worth it.
Settings Review: In summer, seating is available outside, but in winter it does get a little cramped although this does add to the cosy atmosphere
Positive: best hot chocolate
Negative: gets busy on weekends, but worth the wait
3 words: silky, smooth, luxurious