About Me

Who am I?

A wannabe Star-chitect and a full-time foodie, whose been eating and designing since 1992, but only been blogging since 2014

Why these restaurants?

As an individual who is alcohol-free and halal certified, I choose restaurants that comply to these standards or give a varied alternative choice,

Why these pieces of architecture?

Visiting and reviewing every building in the world, would be impossible, (however much I would love to), which is why I have compiled this list.  

Why combine the two?

Why not, they both are seen to be the bigger picture, but it is the detail that accounts, a pretty picture is nothing without a story to tell. And they are the only things that my life revolves around.

Contact Me

Email: hebac04@gmail.com

Instagram: local_drifter

Twitter: Drifter_Local

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Local-Drifter/535975743186990

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