Monday, 27 October 2014

The Attendant

What: The Attendant

Where: Goodge St

Value: £6pp

Food Review: The coffee is simply yet perfrectly made and tge perfext rrmedy for a cold dreary afternoon. To add the personal touch, it is topped with a pretty pattern and also a substitution for almond milk. The gooey chocolatly brownie has just been baked so its breakable texture is hard to pick up but it was emtremly indulgent and boardaline sickly, so proberbly recommended for sharing.

Settings Review: Upon entrance from the street is a gated area around a staircase, leading into a dark pit. Once entering you see the dark pit is actually lit up and is a charming but rustic cellar. The first thing you see is a quirky bar with various knink knacs surrounding the walls such as a graffitti board. Originally a toilet, it has kept some of its original features such as handriers and cubicle style seating.

Positives: nice coffee, indulgent chocolate brownie

Negatives: small, not a lot of space

3 words: unusual, quirky, independent

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Kensington Creperie

Where: South Kensington
Value: £7 pp
Food Review: A extensive menu with various combinations of waffles and pancakes. Upon deciding, 2 pancakes were ordered chocolate, and another with tropical fruit. Upon arrival, the tropical fruit had contained fruit from a can, which was not what was imagined. Although, the waffles and crepes were made and not from a packet, and were warm and satisfying, but possibly not something one would remember for a long time. 
Settings Review: Located in the central of South Kensington within the square, making it close to passing tourists coming and going from nearby museums makes it a great place to people watch and watch the world go by.
Positives: great place to people watch,
Negatives: fruit is canned, overpriced, crowded
3 words: people watching, summer

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Orangery

What: Afternoon Tea

Where: Kensington Palace

Value: £20pp

Food Review: Upon entrance you are given only one menu, even though four exist. In the we ended up ordering from two menu's, rushed to the terrible weather. The range of tea was a plenty and what you would expect of such a place, but the cake was not. A dry and lack-lustre red velvet arrived, possibly due to nearing closing, however this should not be the case as the price would not be reflective of this. The scones were warm and were accompanied by jam and creamy clotted cream, this did slightly save the mini afternoon tea but disappointment soon loomed when the bill came and the dry cake had costed more than at first thought.

Settings Review: Located alongside Kensington Palace overlooking the grounds, makes it a stunning location. Albeit it was raining and sitting outside was not the greatest choice, especially as the interior consisted of stunning Georgian with its white stone and kept in line with its royal surroundings.

Positives: beautiful surroundings, nice, simple scones

Negatives: expensive, dry cake

3 words: pricey, beautiful, lack-lustre

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What: Japanese Street Food

Where:Kingly Court, Soho

Value: £20pp

Food Review: A range of non-alcoholic drinks are available, so an order of a virgin mojito and pink lychee tea was ordered. The virgin mojito seemed to be showered with salt whilst the pink lychee, the opposite. Each were interesting in their own way, but possibly not a second time.
The accompanying sides were the tastiest part of the whole meal. The fishcakes when ordered were thought of as standard Thai fishcakes, round and a strong smell of fish, what came however were not. With a crispy coating, a texture similar to that of calamari and a gooey cheesy filling. Next the bun, a standard dough, but it was the filling of crispy jumbo prawns and a mayonnaise like sauce which made its moorishly tasting. I had okra before but not like this, deep fried and wrapped and coated, his was a new experience and one that will make me think of okra in a different light. The soup itself although thought to be the star of the show, was not. Although it was filling, it was not that different and did not stand out.
Settings Review: Located in kingly court amongst the variety of restaurants means that it must stand out, which it does, with its strong statement wooden panelled exterior and its extension into the the courtyard. It is reminiscent of a experience with that of a cosmopolitan far east country.

Positives: interesting food, range of non-alcoholic drinks

Negatives: slow service

3 word Review: tasty, unusual, inspiring

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Muriels Kitchen

What: Dinner at British Cafe

Where: Leicester Square, London

Value: £15pp

Food Review: First to come were the milkshakes, thick, glossy and extremely indulgent. If anything a place to visit just for this.
Then a pizza came, which was nice and filling, however there was no stand out quality. As the milkshakes were quite indulgent, a further inspection at a later date would be needed. In conclusion, not great for food, possibly cakes and drinks.

Settings Review: Located off Leicester Square, it is a prime spot for tourists and this is shown in the price. However, inside it has a cottage rustic feel, perhaps this is done to distract the tourist from the hustle and bustle and to restore calm. Whatever the reason, it makes it a haven from a hectic day of sightseeing. 

Positives: great tasty milkshakes, luscious cakes

Negatives: rushed, customer service not great

3 words: average, quick bite

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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Gore Hotel

What: Afternoon Tea

Where: South Kensington, London

Value: £24pp

Food Review: On offer were a selection of 5 teas, no coffee or hot chocolate. The tea range was a bit minimal and could have been done with more choice. The sandwichs were soft and tasty, but did not stand out. The cakes were the star of the show, starting with the chocolate cake pops and ending with the lightly buttered pastry cases of the fruit tartlets. The scones were accompanied with exquisite clotted cream and sticky jam.

Settings Review: Settled in kensington among the embassies,the hotel is located. Upon entrance in the dining room you are surround by stunning beauty and elegance. It has a victorian british interior which oozes eleagance. There is not much seating which is normal nit a good thing, but here, it works. It allows the diners a more intimate experience with thier guests.

Positives: quirky cakes, beautiful surroundings with charm

Negatives: be aware of extra add-ons

3 words: quirky, charming, pretty

Thursday, 9 October 2014


What: Lunch at Halal Chinese

Where: Paddington

Value: £30pp

Food Review: This is the best halal Chinese I have been to in a while, with great food and atmosphere. The portion size was plenty and reasonable priced especially for a special occasion meal. Also, halal duck dishes are hard to come by so this offered a great twist to the usual Chinese dishes on offer. The crispy duck in particular was the dish to order, aswell as the glazed prawns.  

Setting Review: Located on a quite back street, on a side road lies this restaurant alongside a few others. However, what makes it stand out is its authentic Chinese exterior. Whilst there is seating available outside i had opted to sit inside. Once entered you are reminiscent of China and all it has to offer. Decorated with ornate authentic decorations adds to the Chinese experience. 

3 words: delicious, tantalising, moorish 

Positives: Friendly service, halal duck

Negatives: non-alcoholic drinks are limited 3 words: delectable and positive ambience


What: Lunch at Modern British

Where: Tottenham Court Road, London

Value: £40pp

Food Review: A non-alcoholic menu was not set out but a cocktail could be changed, so I stuck to a classic mojito, which I can't complain. For starters was arricini , which was exquisitely made with the right amount of flavour. For main, cod with pomme puree, which was overpowered with salt. For dessert a melt in the middle chocolate pudding, which due to the fact I had been looking at the view had turned to just a chocolate pudding which none the less was still amazing. To end the meal, drinks were ordered including coffee with a pretty heart on top.

Settings Review:  Located in what was considered to a be an architectural masterpiece, located high, at the top of the tower is Paramount. It is split over two floors, with the lower, a modern dining experience and the above a  bar that wraps around the building, allowing a view of the streets below, including oxford street, The interior within the restaurant does not hold a an open kitchen but instead with simple sleek modern furniture, a contrast from its concrete exterior.   

Positives: great tasting food, beautiful view, halal food can be ordered with advance notice

Negatives: salty, separate drinks list could be available

3 words: expensive, beautifully made

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What: Brunch

Where: Kings Cross, London

Value: £15pp

Food Review: Upon entering at 11am on a Sunday for brunch, I was told it would be a 2 hour queue. I then decided to wait with a coffee ordered from a very packed bar, also people waiting, the coffee itself, woke me up instantly which numbed the pain of waiting. Once waiting for more than 2 hours, we were finally seated. I was able to overlook the menu. First I ordered a fruit juice, cheese and onion jam on toast, and Middle Eastern poached eggs alongside berry compote with waffles. The freshly squeezed watermelon and mint juice were the first to come, a refreshing taste following on from the waiting with a large amount of people. Next the cheese and onion jam on sour bread, which melted in your mouth and warmed your inside. The eggs seemed to be done in a middle eastern style, which was unusual as the restaurant did not have seem to have a middle eastern them, anyhow, they were still delicious. To finish of the meal were a berry compote with waffles and a dollop of cream, eaten as a trio, it was amazing.

Settings Review: The location is set on the edge of a square encased within a large warehouse. The interior is very minimal with a side room where the chefs are on show preparing the food and a bar at the back stretching around the corner, completing the rustic look.   

Positives: big flavours, good coffee

Negatives: long queue

3 words: appetising, flavoursome, delicious

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Chiltern Firehouse

What: Modern American

Where: Marylebone, London

Value: £50pp

Food Review: A starter of melt in the middle, crab doughnuts which leaves you wanting more gives a taste of what is to come. Each dish is carefully thought about and paired with exactly the right ingredients,. 2 fish and 1 vegetarian dishes were ordered to the table, but each one was exquisite in its own right. Each fish dish melted and the vegetarian dish left you extremely satisfied. For dessert a chocolate concoction of various technical ability left the mouth satiated. The only downside was that there was one non-alcoholic cocktail on the list, for a bar that seemed to churn out a variety of alcoholic, I think they could have done better.

Settings Review: Located on a back road, away from prying eyes, a beautiful courtyard leads to the back entrance, continuing round the corner, and in to the restaurant itself. Originated on the site of a old firehouse, hence the name, the inside keeps its rustic look, whilst still oozing charm. The tables has a varied range to suit all diners including a semi-circle. The original charm of fireplaces gives a restaurant a almost homely feel as well as the open kitchen policy showcasing the various pots and pas used.
Positives: amazing food in a amazing location

Negatives: expensive, hard to get a table, limited non-alcoholic drinks

3 words: celebrities, flavoursome, inviting

Burger and Lobster

What: Burger and Lobster Joint

Where: Soho, London

Value: £25pp

Food Review: The variety of lobster on order is either the half a lobster with the works (the shell) grilled or steamed, or the lobster brioche. As I have been here to two separate occasions, I have tried the lobster grilled and the lobster brioche. The lobster brioche is the same price and if ordered, does leave the customer wanting more. After waiting 2 hours for a table, I don't know whether its the hunger or the fact that everyone else there seems to be enjoying it, that makes the brioche bun melt in your mouth and the slightly salty chips trickle down your throat. As the slightly too tangy salad comes to an end, you can't help but feeling that the meal is over before it has begun.

Settings Review: The venue itself has a rustic, Australian feel to it, possibly its connotations to "surf and turf "style food. With a bar on entrance in order to allow people to not get annoyed at the extensive waiting time, it eases the flow ever so slightly. The wooden rustic tables are still aplenty and have blocked together in order to get maximum space out of the venue.

Positives: tasty lobster and brioche bun

Negatives: expensive, long queues

3 words: hipster, trendy, quirky

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Royal China Club

What: Dim sum
Where: Baker Street, London

Value: £30pp

Food Review: For starters, as with any Chinese restaurant, prawn toast must be ordered alongside green tea. An authentic teapot along with mini teacups appears alongside prawn toast, however these prawn toast are accompanied with a tangy sauce that leaves you wanting more. Then a selection of steamed dim sum appear,one with an open filling of prawns and the other a veggie dumpling each delicious with every mouthful taken.

Setting Review: From the exterior it is hard to see inside, except a few people. Upon entry and round the corner you are greeted with a bar and a giant fish tank including live lobster. Inside are a huge array of tables, ranging from different sizes to accompany the diners. The décor is representative of how a dim sum restaurant would look in China, keeping in line with its authentic interior.

Positives: Moorish, delicious, filling

Negatives: expensive, hard to get a table

3 words: left wanting more

Top 5 Hot Chocolates

Top 5 Hot Chocolates

1. Cafe Vergnano

Why: This thick gloopy texture, makes it the top hot chocolate to have. With its velvety texture and luxurious flavour, you will soon see why.