Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Chiltern Firehouse

What: Modern American

Where: Marylebone, London

Value: £50pp

Food Review: A starter of melt in the middle, crab doughnuts which leaves you wanting more gives a taste of what is to come. Each dish is carefully thought about and paired with exactly the right ingredients,. 2 fish and 1 vegetarian dishes were ordered to the table, but each one was exquisite in its own right. Each fish dish melted and the vegetarian dish left you extremely satisfied. For dessert a chocolate concoction of various technical ability left the mouth satiated. The only downside was that there was one non-alcoholic cocktail on the list, for a bar that seemed to churn out a variety of alcoholic, I think they could have done better.

Settings Review: Located on a back road, away from prying eyes, a beautiful courtyard leads to the back entrance, continuing round the corner, and in to the restaurant itself. Originated on the site of a old firehouse, hence the name, the inside keeps its rustic look, whilst still oozing charm. The tables has a varied range to suit all diners including a semi-circle. The original charm of fireplaces gives a restaurant a almost homely feel as well as the open kitchen policy showcasing the various pots and pas used.
Positives: amazing food in a amazing location

Negatives: expensive, hard to get a table, limited non-alcoholic drinks

3 words: celebrities, flavoursome, inviting

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