Thursday, 9 October 2014


What: Brunch

Where: Kings Cross, London

Value: £15pp

Food Review: Upon entering at 11am on a Sunday for brunch, I was told it would be a 2 hour queue. I then decided to wait with a coffee ordered from a very packed bar, also people waiting, the coffee itself, woke me up instantly which numbed the pain of waiting. Once waiting for more than 2 hours, we were finally seated. I was able to overlook the menu. First I ordered a fruit juice, cheese and onion jam on toast, and Middle Eastern poached eggs alongside berry compote with waffles. The freshly squeezed watermelon and mint juice were the first to come, a refreshing taste following on from the waiting with a large amount of people. Next the cheese and onion jam on sour bread, which melted in your mouth and warmed your inside. The eggs seemed to be done in a middle eastern style, which was unusual as the restaurant did not have seem to have a middle eastern them, anyhow, they were still delicious. To finish of the meal were a berry compote with waffles and a dollop of cream, eaten as a trio, it was amazing.

Settings Review: The location is set on the edge of a square encased within a large warehouse. The interior is very minimal with a side room where the chefs are on show preparing the food and a bar at the back stretching around the corner, completing the rustic look.   

Positives: big flavours, good coffee

Negatives: long queue

3 words: appetising, flavoursome, delicious

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