Wednesday, 22 October 2014


What: Japanese Street Food

Where:Kingly Court, Soho

Value: £20pp

Food Review: A range of non-alcoholic drinks are available, so an order of a virgin mojito and pink lychee tea was ordered. The virgin mojito seemed to be showered with salt whilst the pink lychee, the opposite. Each were interesting in their own way, but possibly not a second time.
The accompanying sides were the tastiest part of the whole meal. The fishcakes when ordered were thought of as standard Thai fishcakes, round and a strong smell of fish, what came however were not. With a crispy coating, a texture similar to that of calamari and a gooey cheesy filling. Next the bun, a standard dough, but it was the filling of crispy jumbo prawns and a mayonnaise like sauce which made its moorishly tasting. I had okra before but not like this, deep fried and wrapped and coated, his was a new experience and one that will make me think of okra in a different light. The soup itself although thought to be the star of the show, was not. Although it was filling, it was not that different and did not stand out.
Settings Review: Located in kingly court amongst the variety of restaurants means that it must stand out, which it does, with its strong statement wooden panelled exterior and its extension into the the courtyard. It is reminiscent of a experience with that of a cosmopolitan far east country.

Positives: interesting food, range of non-alcoholic drinks

Negatives: slow service

3 word Review: tasty, unusual, inspiring

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