Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Burger and Lobster

What: Burger and Lobster Joint

Where: Soho, London

Value: £25pp

Food Review: The variety of lobster on order is either the half a lobster with the works (the shell) grilled or steamed, or the lobster brioche. As I have been here to two separate occasions, I have tried the lobster grilled and the lobster brioche. The lobster brioche is the same price and if ordered, does leave the customer wanting more. After waiting 2 hours for a table, I don't know whether its the hunger or the fact that everyone else there seems to be enjoying it, that makes the brioche bun melt in your mouth and the slightly salty chips trickle down your throat. As the slightly too tangy salad comes to an end, you can't help but feeling that the meal is over before it has begun.

Settings Review: The venue itself has a rustic, Australian feel to it, possibly its connotations to "surf and turf "style food. With a bar on entrance in order to allow people to not get annoyed at the extensive waiting time, it eases the flow ever so slightly. The wooden rustic tables are still aplenty and have blocked together in order to get maximum space out of the venue.

Positives: tasty lobster and brioche bun

Negatives: expensive, long queues

3 words: hipster, trendy, quirky

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