Monday, 15 December 2014


What: Spanish tapas

Where: Soho

Value: £30 pp

Food Review: Each course is as delicious as the last. Due to being quite close to other people, you get to see what they are having and end up ordering other people's dishes. Each dish has its own unique twist that makes it stand out. The octupus is tantilisingly soft, the aoili is garlicky (in a good way), the sea bream is meaty and the courgette flower is sweet with honey and salty with goats cheese. This is finished off with creme brulee, spanish style with an underlying taste of cinnamon. All dishes will leave you wanting more.

Settings Review: A tiny restaurant from the outside, with not a lot of seating inside. This is due to the fact that the seating area takes place around the bar. This allows the diners a free show with there dinner and creates a more personal atmosphere.

Positives: great selection, amazing taste

Negatives: not a lot of space, come early as there are queues

3 words: delicious, unique, quirky

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Friday, 12 December 2014


What: American Diner

Where: Kingly Court, Carnaby St

Value: £15 pp

Food Review: Recently opened, this place does burgers during the day and brunch most mornings. As i went for brunch i ordered blueberry pancakes and chicken and waffles. I also wanted to order the maple beef bacon but this had run out. Upon the drinks menu was overpriced coffee and tea and orange juice. This meant only the orange juice would be worth it. The large orange juice arrived in a kitsch jug (which handles), alongside the chicken placed upon waffles with a side of maple syrup and blueberry pancakes with a side of cream and more maple syrup. The meal was great and ver
y american diner style but it did not stand out from the crowd.

Settings Review: Kingly court is nestled in on the side of carnaby street, and stax is placed above above overlooking the restaurants below. The restaurant itself is not very big and has a array of seating. As it does get full up easily, it pays to come early. 

Positives: good hearty american food, halal

Negatives: overpriced drinks, lack of seating

3 words: tasty, american, quirky

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Black Sheep Coffee

What: Coffee Shop

Where: Goodge Street

Value: £5pp

Food Review: I only had a coffee amd muffin, due to the fact it was for breakfast but both were equally good. However, what stood out for me were the lunch time offers available. Available were vegan salads and lunch smoothies. Clearly this is a place for people trying to be healthy.  

Settings Review: Located a bit far from public transport but with many  companies nearby, this makes it a great stop off place for before meeting and lunchtimes. 

Positives: smoothies, vegan salad, quick pick me up

Negetives: limited menu, hard to reach

3 Word Review: small but distant


What: Bakery
Where: South Kensington
Value: £5
Food Review: The cafe hosts a range of cakes, from big cakes to cupcakes to brownies. It also offers coffee or tea. However, the cakes can be a little to dry and not as light as they should be. This could be due to the fact that I came later in the day, but this should not affect the moisture of the cake if it is made well and on the day.
Settings Review: This cute and cosy cafe is located close, but not too close to South Kensington St. Inside the cafe, there is limited seating and the few seats that are there, are usually taken up.
Positives: innovative ideas, cosy
Negetives: can be dry, small so not a lot of seats
3 Word Reviews: Pretty but average
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What: Coffee Shop
Where: Old Street
Value: £3-10
Food Review: The coffee is good and what I regularly go for but they also serve pastries and food. The brownie and almond croissant in particular stand out, although very indulgent and slightly too pricy and calorific for a regular. As they do not have a kitchen they are able to serve only salads and grilled sandwiches at lunch time. The salads can be a hit or a miss but the grilled sandwiches do fill you up and seem as though you have eaten more.
Settings Review: Located of old street, alongside many other cafes and coffee shops. However, as somewhere that is not only close to my office but also my local i prefer its charm, small touches such as comfy sofas, free ipads and positive customer service.
Positives: great coffee, great customer service
Negetives: could be open later and have a kitchen for hot food
3 Word Reviews: Great morning fix
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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Broadway Market

What: Everything
Where: Hackney
Value: £4+
Food Review: Rather than the non original burgers and cakes (which it had), it also offered a range of options for all including vegans and vegetarians. From vegan marshmellows to tofu burgers, from Japan to the Carribbean, this range of food gave something for everyone alike.
Settings Review: The bustling market had a range of stalls and an extensive range of food to match it.
Each stall had its own character and charm for drawing you in. Alongside the stalls were many independent shops and cafes offering one off pieces.
Positives: extensive range of food
Negetives: no covered seating for outside market, not well signposted
3 Word Reviews: quirky, unusual, tasty

Hutong at the Shard

What: Chinese
Where: London Bridge
Value: £100pp
Food Review: Upon arrival, we were greeted with a cocktail menu which included a variety of non-alcholic cocktails, each differed from one amother. As we were a party of 20, there was a backlog of drinks and this did cause a delay. Once the food arrived, it was a mixed bag. First was the fish and corriander soup was ok, nothing special but a good start. Next to come were the juciest prawns which each one filled your mouth. Then the hot saucy fish dish. For dessert, a chinese dessert, red bean paste biscuit with ginger ice cream. As someone who was not a fan of red bean or ginger, this wasnt to my tastebuds.
Settings Review: Located on one of the top floors of the shard with stunning views across London makes it a place to visit if not just for the views. Open entrance to the restaurant i was directed to a private room with authentic chinese decor with its own private views.
Positives: big portions, stunning views, extensive non-alcoholic menu
Negatives: pricey, long time to wait for drinks
3 Word Reviews: stunning views, expensive
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Mama Lan

What: Japanese

Where: Clapham Common

Value: £15pp

Food Review: The menu is limited and is set out as a snack menu, which is the idea, to order a lot of dishes. As I wasnt that hungry I was able to order a couple of dishes and even these filled me up. The first dish ordered was a mini japanese halloumi burger which although small, packed a punch. Each bite was a explosion of flavours. Next were 2 types of dumplings, one consisted of prawns and the other of mushroom, each was equally delicious and moorish.

Settings Review: Located off busy clapham common it is not that easy to find as the shop is small and has a dark exterior. Inside, there is limited seating and plenty of people packed inside. The interior design is cute and quirky and the personal touches are shown.

Positives: amazing food, moorish

Negatives: small, limited seating

3 Word Reviews: authentic, warming, snack

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Franco Manca

What: Pizza
Where: Balham
Value: £12pp
Food Review: There is not a lot of selection and there starters are limited, but the pizzas are what you come for. With a thin crust and authentic ingrediants used, it makes the recipient think that they are in a italian countryside. The wood fired oven adds to the restaurants authenticity. The chilli oil that can be added additionally is hot though, you have been warned!
Settings Review: Located in the back street of Balham alongside a Pizza Express, although there is no competition. It is not easy to find if you are not from the area. Once inside, you can find yourself a mixture of table seating randomly placed and may result in some tight spots.
Positives: cosy, quick service
Negatives: limited starter and dessert menu
3 Word Reviews: authentic, fresh, delicious
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Monday, 1 December 2014

The Perfectionist Cafe

What: British Food

Where: Heathrow Airport, Terminal 2

Food Review: Great big portion of fish and chips with mushy peas and tartare sauce. I dont like super mushy peas, and these were not. The fish came with super crispy batter and melt in the mouth fish alongside proper thick cut chips. An additional spray of vinegar could be sprayed to add just the right of salti ess.

Settings Review: Located on top floor of the terminal therefore allows you to see people passing by. Has a bar area for people by themselves which allows people to talk to each other. Bar and tables both have numerous plugs to allow customers to sit for a while if it is not busy.

Positives: great food, friendly staff, cool drinks

Negatives: pricey, not many flight boards

3 Word Review: Good British Food


What: Coffee Shop

Where: Heathrow Airport - Terminal 2

Value: £3.50

Food Review: A contender in London for the best hot chocolate. With its silky smooth texture, it makes a long flight wait, a lot quicker. There are various french pastries available aswell, such as hazelnut croissants.

Settings Review: There is a takeaway version next to the cafe aswell, but the cafe is definitely worth seating down in. The cafe has plush seating and various plug sockets that make a long wait, worthwhile.

Positives: hot chocolate, comfortable seating

Negatives: limited menu

3 Word Review: amazing hot chocolate

Friday, 7 November 2014

Lobster Kitchen

Where: Tottenham Court Rd

Price: £10 (half-price for opening)

Food Review: Considering the whole lobster and lobster tails are cooked in white wine, the only option is to have the lobster roll, of which there are only two options, the skinny and the garlicky (as the cocktail also contains alcohol). So I ordered the garlicky which came with chips and a drink, of which the only non-alcoholic option was a harsh ginger beer or a no sugar lemon and lime soda. Deep fried clams were also ordered. The garlicky consisted of a good amount of lobster and what was described as a brioche bun, but was not. The bun was not a soft melt in the mouth, but a harsh burger bun which eventually got washed with sugar free, tasteless soda. Thinking the sides would have been better, but they were not the chips were your average skinny fries and the fried clams tasted of the leftover crispy bits from fish and generally a bit disappointing.

Settings Review: Before even entering it is hard to find the entrance, at the time of going there was a big queue but it looks like it is to the restaurant next door or to a club entrance, when finally realising it is the big queue, due to its tiny sign. We queue up for 30 mins to be then seated in a tiny restaurant. This tiny restaurant is charming even though it is packed with people. Its interior has been carefully thought about and fits in with the theme of the restaurant.

Positives: cheap, funky interior

Negatives: hard to find, not many options, not as tasty

3 Word Review: must try harder
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Monday, 3 November 2014


What: Australian Coffee Shop

Where: Goodge Street

Value: £5pp

Food Review: Originally looking at the menu, i was thrilled with the choice, so i ordered the banana bread with mascarpone cheese from the kitchen, but as this took too long, i did have to reject this and stick to a muffin and coffee. The coffee was excellent with amazing coffee art (as you would expect). The muffin was good, but not amazing. Overall the experience was ok but food from the kitchen would have been preferred.

Settings Review: Tucked away from a busy street into a cosy corner, yoy would expect it to have not much passing trade on a wednesday morning. I turned up thinking there would not be many people, but this was not the case. I was seated straight away and did get served straight away but my food from the kitchen was taking too long, the waiter did apologise and i had a muffin instead but this issue did occur.

Positives: amazing coffee, possibly good food

Negatives: busy

3 Word Review: busy, charming, coffee

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The Villandry

What: The Villandry

Where: Portland St

Price: £35pp

Food Review: When choosing from the menu, the options were limited. The specials consisted of half a lobster or a whole, upon which I ordered whole, and am glad I did. The lobster was not very meaty and came with either a small portion of salad or chips. This was quite expensive and was not worth it.
The cocktail was pretty good, refreshing and fruity.
The dessert also redeemed the meal, although it was shared, it could have been for one.

Settings Review: Upon entrance, we were given a variety of dining arrangements with comfortable seating. The room was dimly lit which made this hard to see the special board which was tucked away in the corner. Apart from this, the room was created for a cosy, warm, relaxing evening.

Positives: great ambience

Negatives: overpriced

3 Word Review: expensive, british, ambience

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Monday, 27 October 2014

The Attendant

What: The Attendant

Where: Goodge St

Value: £6pp

Food Review: The coffee is simply yet perfrectly made and tge perfext rrmedy for a cold dreary afternoon. To add the personal touch, it is topped with a pretty pattern and also a substitution for almond milk. The gooey chocolatly brownie has just been baked so its breakable texture is hard to pick up but it was emtremly indulgent and boardaline sickly, so proberbly recommended for sharing.

Settings Review: Upon entrance from the street is a gated area around a staircase, leading into a dark pit. Once entering you see the dark pit is actually lit up and is a charming but rustic cellar. The first thing you see is a quirky bar with various knink knacs surrounding the walls such as a graffitti board. Originally a toilet, it has kept some of its original features such as handriers and cubicle style seating.

Positives: nice coffee, indulgent chocolate brownie

Negatives: small, not a lot of space

3 words: unusual, quirky, independent

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Kensington Creperie

Where: South Kensington
Value: £7 pp
Food Review: A extensive menu with various combinations of waffles and pancakes. Upon deciding, 2 pancakes were ordered chocolate, and another with tropical fruit. Upon arrival, the tropical fruit had contained fruit from a can, which was not what was imagined. Although, the waffles and crepes were made and not from a packet, and were warm and satisfying, but possibly not something one would remember for a long time. 
Settings Review: Located in the central of South Kensington within the square, making it close to passing tourists coming and going from nearby museums makes it a great place to people watch and watch the world go by.
Positives: great place to people watch,
Negatives: fruit is canned, overpriced, crowded
3 words: people watching, summer

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Orangery

What: Afternoon Tea

Where: Kensington Palace

Value: £20pp

Food Review: Upon entrance you are given only one menu, even though four exist. In the we ended up ordering from two menu's, rushed to the terrible weather. The range of tea was a plenty and what you would expect of such a place, but the cake was not. A dry and lack-lustre red velvet arrived, possibly due to nearing closing, however this should not be the case as the price would not be reflective of this. The scones were warm and were accompanied by jam and creamy clotted cream, this did slightly save the mini afternoon tea but disappointment soon loomed when the bill came and the dry cake had costed more than at first thought.

Settings Review: Located alongside Kensington Palace overlooking the grounds, makes it a stunning location. Albeit it was raining and sitting outside was not the greatest choice, especially as the interior consisted of stunning Georgian with its white stone and kept in line with its royal surroundings.

Positives: beautiful surroundings, nice, simple scones

Negatives: expensive, dry cake

3 words: pricey, beautiful, lack-lustre

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What: Japanese Street Food

Where:Kingly Court, Soho

Value: £20pp

Food Review: A range of non-alcoholic drinks are available, so an order of a virgin mojito and pink lychee tea was ordered. The virgin mojito seemed to be showered with salt whilst the pink lychee, the opposite. Each were interesting in their own way, but possibly not a second time.
The accompanying sides were the tastiest part of the whole meal. The fishcakes when ordered were thought of as standard Thai fishcakes, round and a strong smell of fish, what came however were not. With a crispy coating, a texture similar to that of calamari and a gooey cheesy filling. Next the bun, a standard dough, but it was the filling of crispy jumbo prawns and a mayonnaise like sauce which made its moorishly tasting. I had okra before but not like this, deep fried and wrapped and coated, his was a new experience and one that will make me think of okra in a different light. The soup itself although thought to be the star of the show, was not. Although it was filling, it was not that different and did not stand out.
Settings Review: Located in kingly court amongst the variety of restaurants means that it must stand out, which it does, with its strong statement wooden panelled exterior and its extension into the the courtyard. It is reminiscent of a experience with that of a cosmopolitan far east country.

Positives: interesting food, range of non-alcoholic drinks

Negatives: slow service

3 word Review: tasty, unusual, inspiring