Friday, 7 November 2014

Lobster Kitchen

Where: Tottenham Court Rd

Price: £10 (half-price for opening)

Food Review: Considering the whole lobster and lobster tails are cooked in white wine, the only option is to have the lobster roll, of which there are only two options, the skinny and the garlicky (as the cocktail also contains alcohol). So I ordered the garlicky which came with chips and a drink, of which the only non-alcoholic option was a harsh ginger beer or a no sugar lemon and lime soda. Deep fried clams were also ordered. The garlicky consisted of a good amount of lobster and what was described as a brioche bun, but was not. The bun was not a soft melt in the mouth, but a harsh burger bun which eventually got washed with sugar free, tasteless soda. Thinking the sides would have been better, but they were not the chips were your average skinny fries and the fried clams tasted of the leftover crispy bits from fish and generally a bit disappointing.

Settings Review: Before even entering it is hard to find the entrance, at the time of going there was a big queue but it looks like it is to the restaurant next door or to a club entrance, when finally realising it is the big queue, due to its tiny sign. We queue up for 30 mins to be then seated in a tiny restaurant. This tiny restaurant is charming even though it is packed with people. Its interior has been carefully thought about and fits in with the theme of the restaurant.

Positives: cheap, funky interior

Negatives: hard to find, not many options, not as tasty

3 Word Review: must try harder
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