Monday, 3 November 2014

The Villandry

What: The Villandry

Where: Portland St

Price: £35pp

Food Review: When choosing from the menu, the options were limited. The specials consisted of half a lobster or a whole, upon which I ordered whole, and am glad I did. The lobster was not very meaty and came with either a small portion of salad or chips. This was quite expensive and was not worth it.
The cocktail was pretty good, refreshing and fruity.
The dessert also redeemed the meal, although it was shared, it could have been for one.

Settings Review: Upon entrance, we were given a variety of dining arrangements with comfortable seating. The room was dimly lit which made this hard to see the special board which was tucked away in the corner. Apart from this, the room was created for a cosy, warm, relaxing evening.

Positives: great ambience

Negatives: overpriced

3 Word Review: expensive, british, ambience

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