Friday, 12 December 2014


What: American Diner

Where: Kingly Court, Carnaby St

Value: £15 pp

Food Review: Recently opened, this place does burgers during the day and brunch most mornings. As i went for brunch i ordered blueberry pancakes and chicken and waffles. I also wanted to order the maple beef bacon but this had run out. Upon the drinks menu was overpriced coffee and tea and orange juice. This meant only the orange juice would be worth it. The large orange juice arrived in a kitsch jug (which handles), alongside the chicken placed upon waffles with a side of maple syrup and blueberry pancakes with a side of cream and more maple syrup. The meal was great and ver
y american diner style but it did not stand out from the crowd.

Settings Review: Kingly court is nestled in on the side of carnaby street, and stax is placed above above overlooking the restaurants below. The restaurant itself is not very big and has a array of seating. As it does get full up easily, it pays to come early. 

Positives: good hearty american food, halal

Negatives: overpriced drinks, lack of seating

3 words: tasty, american, quirky

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