Thursday, 11 December 2014


What: Coffee Shop
Where: Old Street
Value: £3-10
Food Review: The coffee is good and what I regularly go for but they also serve pastries and food. The brownie and almond croissant in particular stand out, although very indulgent and slightly too pricy and calorific for a regular. As they do not have a kitchen they are able to serve only salads and grilled sandwiches at lunch time. The salads can be a hit or a miss but the grilled sandwiches do fill you up and seem as though you have eaten more.
Settings Review: Located of old street, alongside many other cafes and coffee shops. However, as somewhere that is not only close to my office but also my local i prefer its charm, small touches such as comfy sofas, free ipads and positive customer service.
Positives: great coffee, great customer service
Negetives: could be open later and have a kitchen for hot food
3 Word Reviews: Great morning fix
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