Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Orangery

What: Afternoon Tea

Where: Kensington Palace

Value: £20pp

Food Review: Upon entrance you are given only one menu, even though four exist. In the we ended up ordering from two menu's, rushed to the terrible weather. The range of tea was a plenty and what you would expect of such a place, but the cake was not. A dry and lack-lustre red velvet arrived, possibly due to nearing closing, however this should not be the case as the price would not be reflective of this. The scones were warm and were accompanied by jam and creamy clotted cream, this did slightly save the mini afternoon tea but disappointment soon loomed when the bill came and the dry cake had costed more than at first thought.

Settings Review: Located alongside Kensington Palace overlooking the grounds, makes it a stunning location. Albeit it was raining and sitting outside was not the greatest choice, especially as the interior consisted of stunning Georgian with its white stone and kept in line with its royal surroundings.

Positives: beautiful surroundings, nice, simple scones

Negatives: expensive, dry cake

3 words: pricey, beautiful, lack-lustre

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