Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Duck and Waffle

What: brunch in the sky
Where: near liverpool st
Value: £25pp
Food Review: After reserving a table and waiting for weeks to celebrate a special occasion with the family. We finally made it to Duck and Waffle. Although a foggy view, it made it all the more magical to be eating in the clouds.
If the food was not good, it would have still been an amazing experience, but the food was good. For savoury the duck eggs and for mains the waffles. The duck eggs, with soldiers, were not only tasty, but beautiful to look and were a grown up version of soldiers and eggs. The waffles were indulgent fluffy waffles that hit the sweet spot.
Location Review: Set in the sky, with an amazing view and beautiful interiors
Positives: beautiful view, well decorated, good food
Negatives: expensive, waiting list
3 words: picturesque, delicious, amazing

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