Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Marco Pierre White

What: Steakhouse
Where: Mailbox - Birmingham Central
Value: £40pp - pricey
Food Review: The restaurant is owned my renowned Marco Pierre White, so you expect the food to be of high standard. This halal establishment did not disappoint. To get to the restaurant, you first had to take the lift through the hotel to reach the establishment which showcased a rooftop view complete with bar area.
A good range of cocktails were available but i stuck to the original pina coloda - didn't stand out, but was not complaining. The food tasted of high quality and produced a well seasoned and made steak, alongside country pub style chips and creamy spinach.
As it was a my birthday, a creme brulee with happy birthday was written upon it. Not only was it all for me but it was a delicious, creamy creme brulee. Alll in all, not a disappointment, until the bill.
Settings Review: Set in the heart of Birmingham, high in the sky of one of Birmingham's Modern iconic building, boasting stunning views and the one of the best places to see the surrounding area. The decor is also modern and clean cut to represent the feel of the restaurant.
Positives: high quality food, good steak
Negatives: expensive
3 words: indulgent, heavy, treat

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