Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Rinkoff Bakery

What: bakery with cronuts

Where: near Whitechapel

Value: £2.50 for a cronut

Food Review: Before reaching the shop, located in a tiny side alley, that is hard to find (makes you work for the cronuts) you can smell the sweet pastry from inside the tiny standard looking bakery. However, the pastries being churned out from this bakery are far from. The range of flavours and the freshly baked bakery feel, makes it a homely family run style shop. The sweet flaky pastry with it simple yet moorish fillings keep you coming back for more.

Settings Review: Tiny bakery with no seating area and located in a back alley. This unusual location is due to the fact that it is a local bakery that focuses on its produce as opposed to location.

Positives: amazing cronuts

Negatives: hard to find

3 words: sweet, tantilising, Moorish

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